For several months, Rene worked with the Arts and Ministry Committee of Saugatuck Congregational Church to create an art exhibit to celebrate and welcome the immigrants in our local community. “Art Across Borders” includes visual art by 18 artists, from 6 countries, including RSG artists Rene Soto, Cesar Ovidio Alvarez, Benjamin Casiano, José Miguel Muñoz, and more!

The opening reception featured art, music, fashion, food, and happy faces. Thank you to performers Ariel Cardenas, D’Prana, Yaguarandi Guate, and Santiago Cabrera. The show will remain hanging in Hoskins Hall at Saugatuck Church until March 18, 2019. Please contact the church office at 203.227.1261 for more information.

“Rene Soto is an amazing man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much soul in a person, except for maybe in a 90 year old, and he’s a whole lot younger than that!” – Priscilla Laine Long.

Thank you to Lidia Monrroy Photography for preserving this beautiful night on film! 

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