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Skye Riss is a Fairfield County, CT artist, working out of a studio in East Norwalk. She has been painting and drawing as long as she can remember. From a very young age, she had the talent and vision to translate the world around her into art. When she reached adulthood, Skye decided to strengthen her natural talent through education, earning degrees in Painting, Art History and Graphic Design, with a concentration in the fundamentals of charcoal, pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics, and clay; from Hartford University.

Now, she is in her early career as a professional artist, distinguishing herself by her unique ability to draw portraits from life, without having to look down at her paper; in thirty minutes or less. She calls these “Soul Paintings” and the practice is universally known as blind contour drawing. A fundamental key to Skye’s success is fearlessness, to let her energy guide the process, rather than overthinking it. “It is important to know when to stop,” she says, “because it is easy to overwork an abstract painting.

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