Spencer Stown

The Artist

About Spencer

Spencer Stown creates graffiti-inspired paintings on canvas, drawing inspiration from urban scenes and colors; and from his own life and personality, which is spontaneous, high energy, and a little retro. Some of his paintings are abstract, while others feature cartoon-like subjects, which are rendered and brought to life on canvas. He primarily works in acrylic paint and spray paint.

In addition to creating visual art, Stown creates streetwear clothing under the brand Stown LTD. This grew out of his uncompromising desire to bring fresh, unique designs to the industry that are wearable art and inspiring to anyone, anywhere. Stown LTD customers range from musicians, to street artists, to modern day hippies.

The Artist

About Spencer

The urban artist, Spencer Stown, is easily recognizable. His work infuses retro color schemes with abstract cartoon-like characters, which are rendered and brought to life on canvas. The work is autobiographical with a distinct style, spontaneity and high energy.
Through trial by error, he figures out a certain direction and then paints his canvas with explosive and powerful strokes of creativity. Every work says something about his charismatic personality and talent. The artist incorporates into his work parts of his autobiographical story or life.

His medium is primarily acrylic paint and spray paint.

The Art


These are the art pieces that we’re expecting to have at the exhibition on the next Exhibition on October. If you are interested on one of these painting, please request your reservation today.

Bird Of Prey

MAsk Off

PLanet Of The Elephants

Patch Work Orange

Cruise Control

Great North

Lion Heart

Square Pusher

Feel Good Inc

Purple Heart

Roots of Color

Two Skys

Aztek Foo Dog

Lucid Dreams


Palace of Passion

2 Birds 1 Stown

Dream Chasers

Phuture Primitive

Big Worm

Dusk Till Dawn

Lone Wolf

Birdman Gone Wild

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