An architect, Zumba instructor, and artist, Weverson Ponte recently organized “Emotion Explosion,” a community event and fundraiser for Kids in Crisis, a nonprofit organization that gets kids and teens out of dangerous situations, and restored to a state of healing and growth. For a donation, community members watched as Ponte, and more than 40 graffiti artists, tagged a house with their fears, before it was demolished, along with their fears. Search #demolishyourfears on IG to see more photos.

“We’re calling this a movement of sorts. We’re trying to encourage people to face their fears and improve their lives,”

We, too, believe in the ability to transcend fear through art, and so we have partnered with Ponte on “Strength Showcase.” This fine art exhibit is a continuation of “Emotion Explosion,” featuring 12 of the artists who participated in the event: Kim Joy, Five Fingaz, Rene Soto, sugarcane Danger, Fiyabomb, Werpeps, Derty Skynerd, Hands of Picasso, Marissa Scipione, Jesse Alejandro, Caroline Kirk, and Weverson Ponte.

We are the first in a series of community-based installations of the exhibit, which will be on display through the month of September. See photos of the Opening Reception below.

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