5 Fabulous Abstract Women

5 Fabulous Abstract Women

Abstract Expressionism is a movement that started in New York in the 1940s. It was a largely male-dominated scene, and remained that way for decades, as its legacy solidified around individual male “celebrity artists,” such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko.

In exhibiting the works of women abstract artists, we aim to address their underrepresentation then and now, and celebrate their political will to occupy and disrupt unwelcome territory. Like all genres, abstract expression has evolved, and witnessed a rise in interest, in no small part because of increased diversity.

The women featured in 5 Fabulous Abstract Women (November 16 – December 26, 2019) adhere to the codes of abstract painting: richly colored and textured images, fluid shapes, nontraditional handling of paint; while integrating feminine energy, power, and joy.

“When I go to my studio to paint, the first thing I do is put music on. While I mix paint and create color swatches, I need to have a clear mind, so I put on classical music; but once I’m ready to paint, I put on music that gets my blood pumping and feet moving. It helps me tap into that joyful place. Sometimes, there’s mighty singing and dancing!” — Jen Moné Hill

5 Fabulous Abstract Women includes more than 20 works by five artists: Kristen Ambrosi of Fairfield, Yvonne Claveloux of Westport, Eugenie Diserio of Stamford, Kat Evans of Westport, and Jennifer Moné Hill of Danbury.

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