Frankie Vinci Spurs Pop Art Revival

Frankie Vinci Spurs Pop Art Revival

Our first pop art exhibition featuring Frankie Vinci was a great success! Guests marvelled at portraits of their favorite classic musicians rendered in mixed media, including upcycled magazines, show posters, metal, fabric, and spray paint. Frankie has a great eye for unique materials and has the ability to make some of pop culture’s most iconic images his own. For those who missed it, we have posted the digital collection to our website HERE.

Excellent Pop Art show tonight. We just love having Rene Soto Gallery in our neighborhood. Thank you!” – Steve Serasis, Opening Reception Guest

October ’18 Featured Artists: Stown, Riss, Molina, Velgot

October ’18 Featured Artists: Stown, Riss, Molina, Velgot

Thank you to those who came out to the October Opening Reception, either to support your local arts community, to have an awesome night on the town, or both! And congratulations to those who went home with a FREE, limited edition sticker designed by Spencer Stown, or a soul painting by Skye Riss. We are proud to offer art and art products for every budget. Pieces in the fall collection will be available for purchase all season, in person or online (here); so please come back and bring a friend!

“A wonderful addition to the Norwalk cultural scene. Amazing pieces, especially the wearable art. A rising gem!” – Chuck Presbury

Live Soul Painting by Skye Riss - "Rene Soto"

Watch Skye Riss Studios perform her "Soul Painting," where she draws her subject without looking at the paper; LIVE this Saturday at our October Opening Reception.

Posted by Rene Soto Gallery on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
“Strengths Showcase” Recognizes Perseverance Against All Odds

“Strengths Showcase” Recognizes Perseverance Against All Odds

An architect, Zumba instructor, and artist, Weverson Ponte recently organized “Emotion Explosion,” a community event and fundraiser for Kids in Crisis, a nonprofit organization that gets kids and teens out of dangerous situations, and restored to a state of healing and growth. For a donation, community members watched as Ponte, and more than 40 graffiti artists, tagged a house with their fears, before it was demolished, along with their fears. Search #demolishyourfears on IG to see more photos.

“We’re calling this a movement of sorts. We’re trying to encourage people to face their fears and improve their lives,”

We, too, believe in the ability to transcend fear through art, and so we have partnered with Ponte on “Strength Showcase.” This fine art exhibit is a continuation of “Emotion Explosion,” featuring 12 of the artists who participated in the event: Kim Joy, Five Fingaz, Rene Soto, sugarcane Danger, Fiyabomb, Werpeps, Derty Skynerd, Hands of Picasso, Marissa Scipione, Jesse Alejandro, Caroline Kirk, and Weverson Ponte.

We are the first in a series of community-based installations of the exhibit, which will be on display through the month of September. See photos of the Opening Reception below.

June ’18 Featured Artist: José Miguel Muñoz

June ’18 Featured Artist: José Miguel Muñoz

The Event

June Closing Reception – José Miguel Muñoz
Date: Saturday, June 23rd
Time: 6pm – 10pm
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In the past month, Rene Soto Gallery has been proud and excited to display a selection of the works of José Miguel Muñoz, the Guatemalan painter and clothing designer. He graced us with his presence at the Grand Opening, sold several paintings, and offered guests a live painting demonstration. Before we make way for our next featured artist, Richard Thomas Patton IV, let us celebrate José one last time, and wish him great success in all his future endeavors. We are also celebrating a successful first month for the gallery! You do not want to miss this, particularly the wine and cheese!

The Artist

José Miguel Muñoz is a talented artist from Guatemala, whose latest creations use a technique that mixes acrylic, crayons and spray. He has recently expanded his reach into fashion design. Follow his brand Pigmento Arte Moda @pigmento_gton Instagram and purchase clothing for men, women, and children at the website HERE.

The Art

The paintings in José Miguel’s feature exhibit are available for purchase at Rene Soto Gallery through Saturday. If you miss this opportunity, you can always visit his online store; or contact him through his Facebook page, to inquire about pieces you are interested in.


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