5 Fabulous Abstract Women

5 Fabulous Abstract Women

Abstract Expressionism is a movement that started in New York in the 1940s. It was a largely male-dominated scene, and remained that way for decades, as its legacy solidified around individual male “celebrity artists,” such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko.

In exhibiting the works of women abstract artists, we aim to address their underrepresentation then and now, and celebrate their political will to occupy and disrupt unwelcome territory. Like all genres, abstract expression has evolved, and witnessed a rise in interest, in no small part because of increased diversity.

The women featured in 5 Fabulous Abstract Women (November 16 – December 26, 2019) adhere to the codes of abstract painting: richly colored and textured images, fluid shapes, nontraditional handling of paint; while integrating feminine energy, power, and joy.

“When I go to my studio to paint, the first thing I do is put music on. While I mix paint and create color swatches, I need to have a clear mind, so I put on classical music; but once I’m ready to paint, I put on music that gets my blood pumping and feet moving. It helps me tap into that joyful place. Sometimes, there’s mighty singing and dancing!” — Jen Moné Hill

5 Fabulous Abstract Women includes more than 20 works by five artists: Kristen Ambrosi of Fairfield, Yvonne Claveloux of Westport, Eugenie Diserio of Stamford, Kat Evans of Westport, and Jennifer Moné Hill of Danbury.

January ’19 Featured Artist: Nancy Breakstone

January ’19 Featured Artist: Nancy Breakstone

On January 5th, we celebrated the New Year, and a new feature exhibition by Nancy Breakstone Photography, with a fabulous opening reception attended by Norwalk’s finest. Even News 12 showed up! Click here to see their coverage. If you missed it, don’t worry! Nancy’s photos will be up through January 25th, including two that are up for a silent auction benefitting the Surfrider Foundation Connecticut Chapter.

“Rene Soto Gallery a place where you can experience art through all of your senses. The atmosphere is so peaceful and inviting, thanks to Rene’s down to earth personality. How can anyone regret stepping into such a gallery?” – Romy Alvarez, January Opening Reception Guest

October ’18 Featured Artists: Stown, Riss, Molina, Velgot

October ’18 Featured Artists: Stown, Riss, Molina, Velgot

Thank you to those who came out to the October Opening Reception, either to support your local arts community, to have an awesome night on the town, or both! And congratulations to those who went home with a FREE, limited edition sticker designed by Spencer Stown, or a soul painting by Skye Riss. We are proud to offer art and art products for every budget. Pieces in the fall collection will be available for purchase all season, in person or online (here); so please come back and bring a friend!

“A wonderful addition to the Norwalk cultural scene. Amazing pieces, especially the wearable art. A rising gem!” – Chuck Presbury

Live Soul Painting by Skye Riss - "Rene Soto"

Watch Skye Riss Studios perform her "Soul Painting," where she draws her subject without looking at the paper; LIVE this Saturday at our October Opening Reception.

Posted by Rene Soto Gallery on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Thank You for Coming to My Birthday!

Thank You for Coming to My Birthday!

On Saturday, September 1st, Rene celebrated his birthday with a party in the gallery, which had so many parts to oversee that we wonder if he got a chance to sit down! Rene thrives on his feet, making steps to build community through art, and to create art as a community. Getting closer to this mission must have been his birthday wish, because the party turned out a great success, in terms of the size and diversity of the crowd, and their engagement with the art, artists, and art-making itself. There were several opportunities for guests to “see how the magic happens” in person, including live body painting by GDM, painting on canvas by Jen Williams, and blind contour drawing by Skye Riss.

“You can’t really appreciate a work of art until you can understand how difficult it was to create. And that’s probably true of any work of art – a rock, a tree, a bird, a fish, a sunrise made of light and air.” — Laurence Overmire

Posted by Rene Soto on Sunday, September 2, 2018
Three New Artists Join Our Community

Three New Artists Join Our Community

A warm welcome to Suzana Jovanovic, Shannon Fannin, and Juan Luis Cando, whose paintings were recently added to the gallery. Next month, look forward to a featured exhbit by Suzana. Shannon and Juan Luis’ work is available for purchase now! Inquire here.

Looking for a place to exhibit your art? Email us a short bio and attach 5 images of your best pieces.

About Suzana

Suzana Jovanovic is a self-taught Serbian born artist based in Holland. Her studies in philosophy and psychology have a great influence on her creative process. Most of her work is figurative art, which symbolizes lots of phenomena such as human behavior, inner monologue, and interaction with nature. She enjoys creating her own mythical characters, who aren’t divine beings, but humans gloried by their good nature. Read more >

About Shannon

Shannon Fannin’s large paintings are primarily created in acrylics (pens, spray, hard/soft body, and ink), and will occasionally incorporate gouache, ink, or water-soluble graphite. She is a great fan of color, and enjoys bringing chrome and carbon fiber to life. She strives to connect with her viewers on a personal level, by depicting vehicles from their past, or their dreams. Her goal is to be one of the finest vehicle artists in the world. Read more >

About Juan Luis

Juan Luis Cando was born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 1997, he emigrated to the United States to be able to fulfill his dream of being an artist. He considers himself a self-taught artist, since his knowledge was acquired from an early age, by means of books, without receiving any formal instruction until 2008, when he began taking classes at the Art League of New York. There, he focused on the human figure, which was the beginning of his career as a portrait artist. Read more >

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